For Slow learners

Students with learning disabilities

We come across students who have learning disabilities, slow to understand and some are dyslexic. In spite of their disabilities they do show signs of excellence when they are dealt with personal care. It is important that we know their disability and treat them according to their level of intelligence.
Dyslexia is a disability caused by blockage or slow transfer of data to brain cells. Dyslexia people are usually good at recitation. So they do shine till std.V where importance is given to speech and recitation. From std.VI onwards, they are not able to shine as they need to prove their writing skills either. Hence they do not perform well in exams and their scores drop drastically. Moreover they are neglected by parents. Eventually they land up into rebellious behavior, arrogance, anger and disgust. Parents need to understand their difficulty and guide their children with the help of understanding teachers. When they are understood and guided properly they do shine in life and become a successful person in the society. All their worries and woes disappear and they become worthy citizens.